Carmen Capital Group

Executive Summary

Carmen Capital Group is the umbrella brand for two well established and profitable businesses. One is the real estate and business investment firm and the other is A and B Hardwood flooring a wholesale flooring company currently serving contractors and dealers in the Chicago market.

Keys To Successful Growth 

As a result of working with very experienced business mentors I arrived at the profitable growth formula that works for both my business investment company and my hardwood flooring and supplies company. The primary components of this formula are:

With more than 10 years experience in successfully completing residential and commercial property transactions, Carmen Capital Group is now positioned for accelerated growth..

We specialize in acquisition of below market residential and commercial properties in emerging markets. We add appreciation value with strategic renovations, and either resell the properties or hold them for profitable cash flow. We are cash buyers and will close quickly.  For select deals we leverage our resources with our strategic funding partners, banks  and private money lenders..

What makes Carmen Capital Group unique  is the strong and long term relationships we have with people who bring us deals and opportunities or the people  whom we send deals to. Our success is largely a result of focusing on loyalty, relationships and results.

Funding Partners 

Carmen Capital Group is open to discussing funding partner opportunities. While there is no shortage of buyers and properties when the pricing is favorable, becoming selected as a funding partner is primarily based on the quality of the relationship. Our model offers a secure, solid opportunity that provides surprisingly favorable returns passively. You are invited you to consider this opportunity.

This is neither an offering of securities for sale nor a solicitation of offers to purchase securities. Securities may only be offered and sold in compliance with relevant state and federal securities laws and regulations, either by exemption or regulation.

Our business model offers you the opportunity to have your funds working for you while we do all the transaction work. Funding partner money:

Send Us Your Deals

Carmen Capital Group is interested residential and commercial property deals from brokers, agents, wholesalers, and bird dogs.  Please note our profit target for a property flip is a minimum 30% annually and for a buy and hold our target is a minimum ROI of 12% annually. To submit a  property that you feel will meet our profit criteria, please Click Here to email us all relevant information including:

MLS listing if available
Pictures if not on the MLS
Your complete contact information.

If you do not have deals to send us but know of people who would be a good fit, have them send us their great deals, and we can still do business. We have different partnership criteria to make sure that you profit as well and that you become a partner in those deals or get an assignment fee.

New Division: Chicago Market Transactional Lending for Qualified Homeowners

Our new business model is focused on helping those home buyers who locate a below market value property where renovation is required and who will qualify for a mortgage based on the after repaired appraised value.  We coordinate this funding with a mortgage broker who will qualify the buyer. We will fund the renovations when we have the first lien that protects our investment.  Contact us for more information.

A & B Hardwood Flooring and Supplies

Our wholesale flooring and supplies company was started in 2001 and now serves thousands of customers in the Chicago market.  During one of the worst recessions in this country’s history, the flooring business has nearly doubled revenue in profits since 2010. We are currently finalizing our development strategy for the next two years and fully expect to double our revenue and profits again during this period.

For more information, Click Here to visit our online showroom or the contact page on this site.

We Buy Companies

We are experts in building profitable businesses and have a high level of interest in distressed companies with revenues greater than $250 million in annual revenue.  If you know of such opportunities regardless of the market please contact us. As with our real estate deals we have several ways of partnering with you for the benefit we realize from your referral.

Carmen Muntean, Managing Partner
Carmen Capital Group
3100 N. Elston Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60618
Ph. 773-279-1978